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July 07, 2009


Will Geer


I think the presentation is great. It is crazy to think that slow and inefficient work product is rewarded in law firms across the country. Summer associates have to be careful as well. Work too fast and you'll be out of work! I experienced that phenomena first-hand. Flat-fee billing and other alternative arrangements reward the efficient attorney. Implementing flat-fee billing in civil litigation can be difficult, but with a little ingenuity, I think it can be done with greater success than the current system.

Florencia Albert

Hi Matthew:
This is my first visit to your blog. I am very intrigued as a 14 year lawyer starting her solo practice about an alternative to billable hours. Perhaps it is because I am new to your blog, but what I find missing from your presentation slides is the alternative. If not billable hours, then what and how? How does a new solo practitioner determine what to charge for legal work?
I poked around the blog a bit but don't see where to find your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance.

Matt Granger

Some interesting points, but I'd love to know your solution. If we don't bill by the hour how should we bill?

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