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March 18, 2009


Matthew S. Crider

I think it's important for clients to have some sense of what is required to do the legal work on their cases, and not just paying the bills.

Allison C. Shields, Legal Ease Consulting, Inc.


I think the 'IKEA effect' is something akin to the old adage that people like their own ideas better than they like other peoples' ideas. If they think they thought of it, they're much more likely to support the idea than if they're being told by someone else what to do.

Great post, and great idea to collaborate with clients. The more invested they are in the process, strategy and course of action, the more likely they are to think that you're a brilliant lawyer.

Carolyn Elefant

I posted about this concept a few years back about one of those outfits where you cook and prepare your own meals:


It's a great idea - and one reason why I think client portals are becoming so popular.

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