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February 12, 2009


Brian Swanson

I really like #10 and think it has a lot of value. This is true primarily because if you can build a practice around addressing such a deep and compelling need for a prospect...they will seek you out when the service is refined. Moreover, they will thank you for the chance to work with you.

Andrea Goldman


This is a really great list. I particularly like the fact that you recognize how hard it is to ask for more business from current clients. At the same token, clients who pay are really important. Yes, I want good clients, but I am tired of working for really nice people who don't pay me.

Jonathan Soroko

Hydration is Hydration - More rain from a known client is in some respects better than rain from a new client - you know more about what they want.
The risk, of course, goes up as a particular client becomes a larger fraction of a practice.

Excellent post - excellent blog. I'm lucky to have stumbled on it.


Ford Harding

Good list Good blog

Ford Harding

Joseph Dang

Wow, what a great set of rules. I'm meeting with my 2nd prospective client tomorrow (1st didn't pan out) and I'm going to concentrate on #4 and #10.

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