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September 28, 2006



Matt! This is a GREAT idea. For those of you wondering...Matt has the knack, ok the brain power, to organize thought-leaders from an incredibly wide range of passions, businesses, artist media...and get them to talk and share ideas and break each others' boundaries...and have a great and fun time doing it.

He's fearless. He's one of my favorite people...and I haven't kept up with recently...sigh

But now...we'll catch up. Congrats on this new endeavor. I know it'll be a wonderful success. I don't think I'll be able to attend. one never knows...but it's doubtful.

Gill Wagner

I had the profound pleasure of experiencing Matt's first-ever Open Idea Market about two months ago, and it is not possible for me to recommend this strongly enough.

I also sponsored the event that time -- basically paid for the food. This event is attended by St. Louis area thought leaders. So if tapping into a massive pool of creativity excites you, sponsor the Oct. 17 event and Matt will make sure you get hooked up with the best and brightest. (Best marketing money I spent so far this year.)


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