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March 23, 2006

Knowledge Arbitrage for Attorneys

Writing about 10 ways to get more ideas, Rajesh Setty shares a gem that should be in every lawyer’s toolbox:

4. Harness the power of association

The more you associate things the faster you will get new ideas. Knowledge arbitrage is one way of associating things. Here is a simple way to develop your association muscle. List all the people that are close to you in your network. Also list their current projects and interests - basically list what matters most to these people. Once you have this data handy, whenever you meet a new person, see if there is a match in the interests of the new person and one of your earlier contacts in your network. If there is a mutual gain possible, connect these two people without expecting a gain.

The hidden benefit from the above mentioned approach: The more you do this, the higher the chances that the power of reciprocation will kick in and more people will be introduced to you. The more new people in your life, more fresh
perspectives they will bring into your life. In turn, more new ideas will flow in.

This is one of the best ways to keep your existing clients happy and to get more.  Can you go though your client list and compile your clients’ current projects and interests?  Do you collect this information in your intake process?  You should.

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