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January 20, 2006


Ruben's marketing weblog

Hmm, quite interesting research. I'm 100% sure that this doesnt apply to the most popular form of onine marketing; search engine marketing.

We have tried to run some campaigns for instance for a magazine about personal development and environmental issues, but the ROI was hard to keep at a decent level when advertising next to semi-unrelated search queries.

There must be a way to trick adsense into displaying unrelated ads, then you could test it yourself.

Hm and another thing, the views are not as important as the clicks. Too bad they don't report that. It could very well be that more peopole look at the ads, but less people click. Like "hey that looks odd... but uninteresting".

Oh and it seems the test group was 30 people in a mall, doesnt sound too statistically correct to me :)

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