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January 10, 2006


Stephen Albainy-Jenei


I have to concur, the wonderful Editor n Chef is not Jennifer Collins. I only know this because early on the Editor of Blawg Review accidentally sent me an email showing his/her real name (and then asked that I delete it). Although I suffer from short-term memory loss and can't tell you the name, I do remember it was not Collins. (Note to others: please don't email me and ask, I really don't remember.)

Lisa Stone

Monica's correct. Blawg Review is an official affiliate of the Law.com Blog Network, not owned by ALM|Law.com.

It appears what I have done is outed myself as a serious comic book geek. You may already know this Matt, but the Jennifer I mentioned in my graph about the Blawg Review Awards is Jennifer Walters, the mild-mannered alter-ego of She Hulk. (More here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/She-Hulk).

Ah well. My dad would be proud.

Monica Bay

Sorry, Matt, but I know for certain that the editor and chef does NOT work for ALM. I am the only ALM employee (so far) who is a blogger on the Law.com network. (Lisa Stone, of course, has a relationship with us.) The phone number for Jennifer Collins is because Blawg Review is one of our anonymous bloggers. Duh. We're not gonna publish her/his real number. And no, I'm NOT the wonderful Editor n Chef. Nice try tho.

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