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January 10, 2006

BlawgReview Editor works for American Lawyer Media?

Someone asked me this question, and I pass it along without comment:  “Why does American Lawyer Media own BlawgReview?”  I also got this nugget:  the telephone number listed for “Ed Post” belongs to Jennifer Collins’ at ALM.

Update:  Now it makes more sense.  Here is a post from Lisa Stone on ALM’s Legal Blog Watch referencing the BlawgReview Awards and talking about the Anonymous Editor:

Meet Lady Justice or Themis, as portrayed by She-Hulk and Greg Horn, Marvel artiste extraordinaire. She is your host for Blawg Review Awards 2005, which is most appropriate, given her day job and her not-so-mild-mannered alter-ego. If you don't know Jennifer's backstory, then you need to read on.

Update 2:  I really like BlawgReview.  It’s a great concept well executed.  And I don’t know 100% for sure that Jennifer is the anonymous editor,  just a hunch.  Also, I absolutely have total respect for the public contributing editors Evan, Michael, and Kevin.  I’ve just been wondering how ALM’s up-to-now anonymous ownership of BlawgReview (or of the domain, at least) factors in to the whole equation.   In the interest of full disclosure (and it’s all about disclosure, isn’t it?), I used to belong to the blog network.  Any ax grinding I had to do, was done here

Update 3:  The BlawgReview editor tells me I’m wrong.


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I have to concur, the wonderful Editor n Chef is not Jennifer Collins. I only know this because early on the Editor of Blawg Review accidentally sent me an email showing his/her real name (and then asked that I delete it). Although I suffer from short-term memory loss and can't tell you the name, I do remember it was not Collins. (Note to others: please don't email me and ask, I really don't remember.)

Monica's correct. Blawg Review is an official affiliate of the Blog Network, not owned by ALM|

It appears what I have done is outed myself as a serious comic book geek. You may already know this Matt, but the Jennifer I mentioned in my graph about the Blawg Review Awards is Jennifer Walters, the mild-mannered alter-ego of She Hulk. (More here:

Ah well. My dad would be proud.

Sorry, Matt, but I know for certain that the editor and chef does NOT work for ALM. I am the only ALM employee (so far) who is a blogger on the network. (Lisa Stone, of course, has a relationship with us.) The phone number for Jennifer Collins is because Blawg Review is one of our anonymous bloggers. Duh. We're not gonna publish her/his real number. And no, I'm NOT the wonderful Editor n Chef. Nice try tho.

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