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January 05, 2006




I use something called XPunch Enterprise. If you're interested you can find out more at http://xpunch.com

If you're internet-entabled, it will let you keep track of billable hours on your PDA or Windows-enabled cellphone. If you're chained to your desk, this product works right in your browser. It has features for tracking time and billable hours. It will even track what tasks you were doing and when.

It also has a ton of other features, but I won't go into those since you didn't mention you were looking for them (employee scheduling, time tracking, etc.).

If you're looking for basic time tracking, the product is FREE (XPunch Personal). If you're looking for something a little more advanced, you can subscribe to the XPunch Enterprise version for a small fee (that's the version that I use). Their customer service is amazing--I sent them an email and they had a response back to me in under an hour. I'd highly recommend them.

I suppose what I like most about the product is that there is no syncronization--because they house the data, I can get my hours from any computer or PDA.

M. Sean Fosmire

The key, of course, is to make yourself available to clients for conversation and ideas, and creative input, at little or no charge. Then the client will be more likely to come to you when legal workmanship is needed.

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