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November 15, 2005

BlawgThink Decompression

I’m still a day or so away from corralling my thoughts from BlawgThink together into an even semi-coherent post, but I’d be terribly negligent (if not down right rude) if I didn’t say this soon to our attendees, speakers and sponsors:  Thank You!

Dennis Kennedy and I feel like the hosts of a party where everyone had a tremendous time.  We are gratified and humbled by all of the amazing things you’ve said about the event, and we are working hard over the next few weeks to get our minds around what we’ve created and to figure out ways to keep the energy and excitement generatedat BlawgThink going.

Over the next few days, we’ll be putting all of the presentations, notes, and MindManager maps created at BlawgThink online (it may not be 6GB worth, but it’s a start).  We’ll post the photos to Flickr and create a BlawgThink blog roll to introduce you to some of the really cool people who were at the event.  We’ll also spend quite a bit of time following up with all of our attendees personally to find out ways we could improve our next LexThink event..

All in all, we are not quite sure what BlawgThink will become, but we know what it was:  fun, cool, interesting, informative, inclusive, and unique.  Thank you to everyone who made it what it was, and to all of you who will help to make it what it will be.


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