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January 20, 2005


Jim Logan

Matthew, did you happen to attend this workshop or know anyone that did? I'd love to hear any feedback...


Gil Friend

We gave this up long ago too. In addition to the stated and obvious reasons, it's an enormous waste of time and resources to have to keep track of that minutae; eyes utterly off the ball.

Jim Logan

Great post!

I'm not a member of the legal profession, I'm a business person. When I read information such as you shared I vacillate between anger and condescending humor.

From the perspective of business, law firms are professional service organizations - for profit businesses providing services for a fee. The services provided in this case are strategic and necessary…a formula ripe for abuse.

I can’t think of any business other than legal where you are asked to pay for G&A twice – once within the rate of the timekeeper and a second time as a line item on an invoice listed as an expense. To make G&A a profit center in beyond words.

Michael Sherman

I'm with you Matt. We don't charge for in house costs either. I consider it a cost of doing business and consider it in setting my flat fees. I recently had a client retain me after having worked with an hourly lawyer for several months. In discussing with her why she wanted to change lawyers (which I was trying to talk her out of) one of her complaints was the charges for copies and faxes (.25 per page)!! How profitable is it when the practice leads to (a) clients that fire you and go to another firm, (b) prospective clients that don't hire you in the first place because of the practice, or (c) diminished reputation as a result of former clients complaining to whoever listens about how much you charged them for a copy? It seems to me that we should be concerned less with coss recovery systems and more with client service systems (e.g. extra-nets, document assembly software, online collaboration, etc.)

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