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January 24, 2005


Greatest American Lawyer

Matt: Once again, I feel so fortunate to be starting my non-solo practice with your blog riding second-chair. I have learned these last weeks that the karmic winds are blowing with me on this journey. Your insights and inspiration help keep me moving forward.

My journey to non-solo practice is based on the belief that it is nearly impossible to change existing law firms built on traditional hourly billing models from within. By starting my own firm, I can build from the ground up, on a foundation of value-based billing and alternative billing models. I hope to prove the very principles you are espousing.

Thanks again. I look forward to your treatise!

Michael Sherman

Wow, Matt. Very impressive. I can't wait to read it. My only question is how do you find time to practice what you're preaching while still finding time to write (preach) about it?!

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