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December 16, 2004

Vote for Me as one of America's Top 20 Legal Thinkers

Legal Affairs Magazine is looking for the country's twenty most influential and important legal thinkers.  I would have nominated Dennis Kennedy, but he doesn't think much of the list, so instead, I'm nominating myself. 

Today, I proudly announce my candidacy for the position of Influential and Important Legal Thinker.  Though the nominations have closed, there is a place on the ballot for a write-in candidate (remember, my name is spelled "HOMANN").

 So vote early, vote often, and vote Homann!

One more thing, I'm going to need a campaign manager.  Rick, are you free?

Oh, and if you want to support me, I've got this great button you can put on your site.

On a semi-serious note, bloggers have accomplished some pretty amazing things.  Wouldn't it be cool to have one of our own (even if it is me) named as a more influential legal thinker than Clarance Thomas?

P.S.  I can't afford a nanny, so I think I'm pretty safe there. 


"on a semi-serious note"

You mean you weren't serious?

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