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September 21, 2004



Greed greed greed!


You are preaching to the choir when you talk of attorneys who get greedy. We had the misfortune to hire an attorney who - we now believe - actively wanted our business to fail. He overcharged us (he admitted it when confronted with the fact, and refunded it only after some really firm talk - he'd planned on keeping it!) and caused numerous delays that have prevented us from opening our business this month, as we'd planned. Needless to say, not only is he not our attorney anymore, we are not saying any good things about him at all.

Jeff Cornwal

One of my favorite old sayings from my entrepreneurial mentor, my father. Greed gets in the way of success for so many people.



I have been both a lawyer in a firm serving clients and a client lawyer at a company. It is incredibly annoying to be charged for phone calls like that. I often didn't charge my clients for little requests. In my firm we discussed whether we should write on bills (we only did time billing) phone calls and other work with a N/C (no charge) cost.

Now I try to do value billing whenever possible.

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