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June 22, 2004



That's the exact business model the successful ambulance chasers use. They put an add on TV, get thousands of calls, and pick the very few cases out of those that actually have merit and a good chance of success.

Scott Kidder

Matthew -

I have some gmail invites and love your blog! I'd gladly give you one. If you're interested, email scott AT skidder DOT net. Hopefully you can pass my spam filters, hah hah.




That is an outstanding idea!

You also build a group that people want to be a part of. It becomes a potential networking opportunity for the people in the club. Keep it exclusive. Hold a day long meeting once a year with (like Mike said) speakers that can help them with other aspects of their business.

You need you give them something that they can show people and use to gain entrance to the meetings. A badge. A limited edition Tom Bihn laptop bag. Something physical. Again the exclusivity.

The idea of giving people the chance to invite other to the club is great. Referrals are the only way to build a service business. Make the invite cool too.

Keep us posted on this one.


Bravo! But don't stop at the initial meeting. Why not offer a continuing set of meetings with ALL of your lucky winners, to foster community and networking. You wouldn't need to provide all of the content; you could invite presentations by other advisor-types that your new companies need as well. You want to keep those customer evangelists engaged and actively evangelizing for you!

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