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June 21, 2004



Please help me on my debate in Forensics. My topic is about.
Bar Examination Be Abolish. Im on the negative side.

Any comment or opinion is highly appreciated


I have have notice no difference between somebody that has passed the bar on the first time compared to another that may have passed it on the second. Some people fail the bar because of poor handwriting. Other people fail it because they drew a blank that day. You are either a good lawyer or you are not. I have dealt with eggheads that graduated near the top of the top schools. Some are very bright, others are dumb asses. It is all on the individual.


Re: #2 on offshoring

OK so cut back on some of the dinners and baseball games, etc. But don't cut the summer program altogether. Many law students, if not for summer programs, will go through law school without having a clue what real law firm life is like. And if even one summer associate turns out to be partner material later on, the investment's worth it. Think of the program as a weeding out process where a biglaw firm can find a couple of diamonds in a field full of quartz.

There are other practical concerns to legal offshoring: 1) clients' privacy. Firm employees are bound to respect the confidentiality of client data. What about the offshore service companies? 2) security. Can data transmission between India and New York (or LA, or DC, etc) be guaranteed secure? For the most part, yes. But certainly not as secure as a private in-person conversation behind a closed-door office. 3) unauthorized practice of law. How qualified are the offshore workers? Are they legally allowed to do certain kinds of work without violating the lawyers' closely guarded territoriality? Do these guys have to have US law degrees and be on the bar of whatever jurisdiction where they serve?

Clients may appreciate the cost savings of offshoring, but clients also appreciate the knowledge that their case is being handled by the people they hired, not by people halfway round the world hired by the people they hired.


A profession is something you do because you love it and make less money doing it that you could make doing something else.

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