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June 01, 2004

Coming Soon - Five by Five

One of the ideas from my innovation weekend is a weekly forum I'll call "Five by Five." In weekly posts, I'll ask five people -- who are experts in their fields -- to give me five ideas on a given topic. Every week, the five people will come from a different (usually non-legal) discipline, but the topic will always focus upon the innovative marketing, pricing, and delivery of legal services.

I'm already working on my list of invitees and welcome any suggestions. All participants in the Five by Five will get their choice (and I'm completely serious here) of an official "the [non]billable hour" hat or t-shirt.

As a compliment to the weekly series, I've set up a kind of a [non]billablehour extranet/wiki for all my readers to participate in and contribute to the discussion. I'll unveil more details tomorrow.


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