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April 13, 2004


David Giacalone

I wonder if Randy Wells is Pres. Bush's coach on how to answer press conference questions -- "Don't Listen, Don't Tell, Don't Really Apologize" seems to be the strategy.

But, I digress. Lately, I've received envelopes in the mail with no return address on them. They turn out to be sales pitches from companies who got my name from bar membership lists. Like LegalMatch, these folks don't seem to know that lawyers don't like to be tricked into receiving a sales pitch.

Kevin O'Keefe

As you know you are not the only lawyer who has been so turned off by the sales tactics of Legal Match that they feel compelled to tell other lawyers to stay away from Legal Match. That's ashame as the underlying product appears to be a good one. But I agree with you that no matter how good the product is, leaving lawyers feeling they have been deceived when contacted by their sales people is going to get them no where and in may end up huring not only themselves but the consumers of legal services they say they are trying to help.

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