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April 16, 2004



I worked for an attorney many years ago who did something similar for me, except that it wasn't Admins Day. One day, technical difficulties were affecting our office phones so that everytime I answered an incoming call, the call would disconnect. So, after the fourth or fifth call, the phone finally connected to a belligerant client who berated me for hanging up on him. Even though I apologized and tried to explain that it was a mechanical problem, he would not accept my explanation. So, when I announced his call to my boss, I also informed my boss how I'd been treated. After my boss completed his conversation with the client, he informed me that he'd advised the client, in a polite way, what to do with the phone and to never bother calling back. It's been over 25 years since that happened and I've received many lunches, flowers, candy, and gifts from mgmt, but I still remember that as the best expression of appreciation from a boss.

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