the [non]billable hour

The Legal Stuff

While I work on a fancy-schmancy disclaimer, I hope this will work for now. 

Though I am a lawyer, I am not your lawyer.  I do not give legal advice on this weblog and if you think I'm talking directly to you and advising you on an important legal issue in your life, you have larger problems and should seek counseling.  I'm probably not licensed in your state anyway.

I write for myself, I write for fun, and I maintain this weblog so I can have a place to collect all the great ideas and thoughts I have that would otherwise disappear everynight when I finally get to sleep.  All opinions are my own, but many of the ideas I share come from others.  I do the very best I can to give those brilliant people attribution, but if I fail once or twice, I assure you it is not intentional. 

I hope you get great ideas from this weblog -- I really do.  Nothing would make me happier than knowing that what I write will help other professioinals serve their clients.  Leave a comment if you have something interesting to share.  If you want to contact me directly, please do so. I love to talk to people who like what I have to say.  If you disagree with me, just e-mail and I may or may not get back to you. My e-mail link and telephone number are in my bio, here.

Thanks for coming.  I'll leave the light on for you.