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March 23, 2011

Ignite Law 2011 Speakers Named

The official speaker roster for Ignite Law 2011 is set. The event, produced by LexThink CEO Matt Homann and InsideLegal's CEO JoAnna Forshee, will feature 12 speakers sharing their view on the future of law practice and law technology, delivered via 6 minute rapid-fire presentations. Presenters were chosen based on online voting results and include a ‘who’s who’ of legal technology spanning attorneys, legal software executives, legal technologists, consultants and industry bloggers. Ignite Law 2011 takes place on April 10 at the Chicago Hilton, the eve of ABA TECHSHOW.

A total of 25 speaking topics were submitted and based on 1000s of online votes cast, 12 candidates were selected (including 8 'first-timers') to share their 6-minute Ignite presentations. The final Ignite Law 2011 speaker’s list includes:

Jim Calloway – “A Failure to Communicate”

Kevin Chern – “Creating the Perfect Future: Strategic Planning for Your Law Firm and Your Life”

Eric Cooperstein – “(Lack of) Privacy 2.0: Law in the Age of Transparency”

Will Hornsby – “And the survey says...”

Dennis Kennedy – “The Freemium Practice of Law”

Stephanie Kimbro – “Call of Duty: Legal Ops: Serving DIY Clients”

Marc Lauritsen – “Apps for Justice – Code to the Rescue”

Victor Medina – “Bespoke Legal Services in an Off-The-Rack Culture”

Tom Mighell – “Preparing for the Post-PC Law Practice”

Kevin O'Keefe – “Facebook: Can it be really be used by lawyers and law firms for professional and business development? How so?”

Dan Schwartz – “The Elephant in the Room”

Jay Shepherd – “Quantum Leap: How You Will Practice Law in 2019”


Free tickets for the event are still available and can be secured here.

March 04, 2011

Don't Complain

A great Venn diagram from Indexed:  

Ignite Law Details

Small Ignite Logo 

Head on over to the Ignite Law site to submit a proposed talk, check out the submissions we've already received or pick up your free tickets for the event. 

We're looking forward to seeing you in Chicago!

February 25, 2011

Ignite Law is Back

Small Ignite Logo
I'm very excited to announce that Ignite Law is back at ABA TECHSHOW this year!  We'll have all the details up on the Ignite Law site Monday, including how to reserve your ticket (we sold out last year) and how to submit a speaking proposal. 

In the meantime, check out some of last year's Ignite videos.  We can't wait to see you in Chicago!

November 10, 2010

What's in Your Manifesto?

I really liked this, from Holstee:


August 31, 2010

Introducing COCAbiz

A funny thing happened last month as I was meeting with the new executive director of COCA -- St. Louis' premier community arts center.  It was a "get to know you" meeting, but as she and I were discussing all the workshops, seminars and training. for businesses that COCA was developing, she asked me if I had any interest at all in becoming the first Director of this new initiative, now named COCAbiz.

My first (and second) response was, "No."  While I was happy to help get COCAbiz off the ground, I loved what I did, and had no desire to do something else.  Only after I lost a few nights of sleep mulling over the venture's potential, did I finally come around. 

Those of you who know me can appreciate how taken I was by the idea of building creative and innovative events, seminars, classes and training for businesses and organizations --  while utilizing the resources, facilities and (most importantly) some of the 200+ talented artists, actors, dancers, and teachers who call COCA home. 

That was five weeks ago.

Today, I'm incredibly honored and humbled to announce that I am the new Director of COCAbiz.  COCAbiz will combine business-focused, arts-based instruction and theory with creative facilitation to help businesses, organizations and those who work for them to think better together as they solve their toughest challenges.

But what about my "day job" as a speaker, writer and facilitator?  I'll continue to speak about innovation, creativity, alternative billing and client service to lawyers and firms.  I'll keep blogging, and I'll also keep doing firm retreats and conferences, but will have the additional resources of COCAbiz behind me.  I'll also get a few more nights each month at home with my daughter, which she and I will both cherish.

In short, it is the best of all worlds for me.  The challenge of building an amazing business inside one of the nation's most-loved arts and education institutions was too great to pass up.  I'm excited beyond measure, and can't wait to share more of what we'll be doing at COCAbiz here and elsewhere.

Thanks for your support, and as always, let me know how I can help you.

August 11, 2010

Selling the Senior Partner on Social Media

If you're fighting an uphill battle in your firm trying to get the senior partners to buy into social media, you might want to give a few of these "vintage" advertisements a try:

Images from Sao Paolo ad agency Moma.  Hat tip: Unplggd.

July 19, 2010

Profit by Giving Your Fees Away

I saw this little blurb on the Church Marketing Sucks blog:  
WaterFront Community Church says, “We’re going to give away 100% of our offering to help build and beautify our community.”
What would the impact be if your firm did the same thing, and donated one day's fees a year (or month) to make your community better? 

I think it is a great idea -- and could be even better if combined with a contest (like Pepsi's Refresh Project) that sought entries from school children or community groups.  What do you think?

July 14, 2010

How Much Should Legal Fees Be?

Lawyers, do you think clients would use a service that describes itself as follows:
We are an independent, unbiased resource designed to deliver legal fee and price transparency and the expert information legal clients need. Our team of expert lawyers has helped us comb through a mountain of flat fee and billable time data to ensure you have the information you need when it's time to hire a lawyer.
Well, that service doesn't exist for legal clients just yet (as far as I know), but it does for people with car trouble.  It is called RepairPal, and it gives people pricing advice (including printed estimates) for various auto service repairs.  Here's how it works:
RepairPal takes the mystery out of car repairs with a simple tool that will tell you the average price you should be paying for a repair in your zip code.  You just pop in a few details about your repair and car, and it will do the rest.  It breaks down the estimated repair cost in a few ways, showing you the range to expect depending on whether you go through a dealer or independent repair shop, the cost of labor and parts, plus the parts usually needed and how much they cost.  The result?  You can feel better about making an informed repair decision, and you don’t have to scramble to get your friend the “car expert” on the phone to ask a dozen questions.
Imagine a world where your clients' expectations of the cost of your services is driven less by the facts of their case and more by an "estimate" they got from the internet.  A brave new world is coming.  Are you ready for it?

July 13, 2010

Stretch Your Thinking About Biz Cards

One of my favorite business cards of all time:

Check out the entire post at Creative Bits for lots of other cool, inspirational cards.