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February 02, 2009

Ten Tweets about Twitter

As I've prepared for my LegalTech session on Twitter, I've been thinking about what to say.  Since I've been having so much fun with all of my "Ten Rules" posts, I thought I'd do Ten Tweets about Twitter.  As a bonus, all but the last one are exactly 140 characters!  Here you go:

1.  It's easy to learn how to use Twitter, but it's hard to learn why.  Once you get the “why,” you'll move from skeptic to disciple overnight.

2.  Twitter isn't like Facebook: Twitter starts conversations with people you’d like to know. Facebook starts them with people you used to know.

3.  The greatest value of Twitter doesn’t come from knowing what the people you follow are doing.  It comes from knowing what they are thinking. 

4.  Ever think, “If only I could get 5 minutes with Mr. _______, my biz would explode” moments?  They’re on Twitter, you’ve got 140 characters.  Go!

5.  If you want to extend your Twitter relationships into the real world, be a real person on Twitter -- and don’t call yourself “@imgreat12375”

6.  If you fear Twitter will interfere with your ability to get your work done, you’re not afraid of Twitter, you’re afraid of doing your work.

7.  Twitter helps start conversations like kindling helps start fires. However, without further attention and real fuel both will soon burn out.

8.  Twitter's like a networking meeting on steroids -- though the conversation’s better and there're a lot fewer insurance salesmen in the room  

9.  There are Twitter friends and real life friends.  The successful Twitter user values both, but knows how to turn the former into the latter.

10.  The number of followers you have is far less important than the number of followers you deserve.  Always work to deserve more. 

BONUS:  Twitter How To: Follow, Care, Follow, Share, Connect, ReTweet, Repeat

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Great post, i've already subscribed to your feed. thanks.

Very insightful, and I love the humor! I would like to RT several of these as separate tweets. (Easier for my folks to connect with them than clicking on a link) Hope that is okay ~ Thanks.

Matt: thanks for yet another helpful post. I think your 4th point is the key for lawyers seeking to generate business opportunities via Twitter. The challenge, though, is to increase the number of people whose five minutes will explode your business on Twitter. How can lawyers do that? Would love to get your ideas on this at my blog (see Feb 2 post). Thanks!

Lance Godard

Cheers! Love this. Shared it. Am following you on Twitter now. (is that 140 characters or less?)

I agree. If you're not imgreat1, you're nothing. Great panel today on twitter.

Hi Matthew, loved your blog.. You are so right in what you have said.. Twitter is all about sharing info, tools, resources, opinions, knowledge, helping and supporting, demonstraing your expertise, engaging with the community, and above all its a long game.. not a sprint..


Mark Shaw

Awesome! :D

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