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May 31, 2006

What Color is Your Waiting Room, and Your Business Card, and Your Letterhead, and Your ...

Have you thought about what your marketing materials’ color says about you?

In North American mainstream culture, the following colors are associated with certain qualities or emotions:

Red -- excitement, strength, sex, passion, speed, danger.
Blue -- (the most popular color) trust, reliability, belonging, coolness.
Yellow -- warmth, sunshine, cheer, happiness
Orange -- playfulness, warmth, vibrant
Green -- nature, fresh, cool, growth, abundance
Purple -- royal, spirituality, dignity
Pink -- soft, sweet, nurture, security
White -- pure, virginal, clean, youthful, mild.
Black -- sophistication, elegant, seductive, mystery
Gold -- prestige, expensive
Silver -- prestige, cold, scientific

Market researchers have also determined that color affects shopping habits. Impulse shoppers respond best to red-orange, black and royal blue. Shoppers who plan and stick to budgets respond best to pink, teal, light blue and navy. Traditionalists respond to pastels - pink, rose, sky blue.



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Thank you for the post, very good reminder. Since I am working on finding a logo for a new e- commerce company, even if a webdesigner is also working on it. Finding your post was a cosmic encounter this morning.
Have a good day,

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