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January 12, 2006

Count the Days by Counting Cards

Here are a few great planning and productivity tips from Eric Maisel, via this post on Worthwhile:

Get seven decks of cards with similar backs. Lay out all seven decks on your living room rug, backs showing. This is a year of days (give or take). Let the magnitude of a year sink in. Experience this wonderful availability of time. (This is a powerful exercise.)

Carefully count the number of days between two widely-separated holidays, for instance New Year's Day and the Fourth of July. Envision starting a large project on that first holiday (today!) and completing it by the second.

I wish I’d heard about the decks of cards exercise when I was mediating family law cases.  It seems like a great way to convey the healing power of time, or to help couples work out their division of custody (he gets red cards, she gets black, or vice versa). 

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Outstanding idea. Thank you for sharing it. I had never thought of this before, and appreciate the insight. Well done!

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