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August 09, 2005

Announcing LexThink Innovation Coaching

I have spent the last two months working on a project I’m happy to announce here first:  LexThink! Innovation Coaching.  The formal announcement will come September 1, 2005, but I wanted to share a sneak peak at my business plan with my blog readers.

  • Seventeen Clients:  I’m absolutely focused on giving my clients the best coaching experience they’ve ever received.  Each coaching class will be limited to seventeen clients because that’s the number I can best serve.
  • Seventeen Days:  My ideal coaching client is a busy professional who is unwilling to make a long-term commitment to a business coach.  That’s why I’m limiting the duration of the coaching program to seventeen days.  Here’s how it will work:
    • For the first three weeks (Monday through Friday), coaching clients will get twice-weekly coaching calls from me, take part in small group discussions, and complete daily creativity and idea-generation exercises as they learn to make innovation a regular part of their business day. 
    • The last two days (day 16 and 17) will be spent in a LexThink-like collaborative brainstorming retreat where clients and I will get to spend time with one another, build lasting relationships among ourselves, and put our innovative ideas into practice.
  • Virtual Assistance:  I want to give my clients the gift of time to fully invest in the coaching relationship, so each coaching client will have access to a virtual assistant for the duration of the program, at no extra charge.  The clients will be able to offload delegable tasks to their virtual assistants so they can spend more time working on their businesses and not just in them.
  • Access to the Experts:  Each week, there will be a Saturday School conference call where my coaching clients will have access to a business or productivity superstar for an hour.
  • Technology that Works:  Each individual coaching telephone call and small-group discussion will be recorded and made available as a podcast for the clients to listen to again.  Each coaching client will have their own web-based portal to keep track of their milestones, assignments, upcoming calls, goals, and to-do’s.
  • Continuing Collaboration:  Every year, I’ll invite all of my coaching clients back for an Idea Retreat where they can meet old friends and make new ones.
  • All Inclusive Price:  The coaching, conference calls, virtual assistance, and retreat (hotel and food) are all included in the price, which is $3,000.  I’m giving a $1,000.00 discount to the first seventeen clients who sign up and agree to be my “Beta Testers.”  The first coaching group will start mid-September. 
  • Satisfaction Guarantee:  If you are not completely satisfied with your LexThink Innovation Coaching experience, and feel that you’ve gotten less than a 3 to 1 return on your investment, I’ll gladly refund whatever portion of your fee you feel I haven’t earned.

If you are interested, e-mail me at


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Found your blog after listening to your terrific additions to the RSS discussion at BlogHer. Your business model is very impressive -- looking forward to reading your tales from the trenches in future posts.

Wow Matt, this is exciting!

Some very quick reactions for you:
- love how you have addressed the "too busy" complaint: I've also
learned you need to "trap them" somewhat for coaching to be most
- love how you are using the new technology like podcasts, but perhaps
most of all the virtual assistant idea: so many execs have no idea how
to delegate... You wonder how they got that far.
- love the follow-up/reunion for ongoing support and community.

Price is a steal: exactly where are you? If the dates work out I may
need to be one of your first clients!

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