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April 25, 2005

Podcasting for Idiots (With Idiots)

My friend Zane Safrit (who is not an idiot, by the way) has a cool new podcasting service he’s introducing at his company, Conference Calls Unlimited

I’m new to the podcasting game, but Zane assures me it really is easy. 

Step One:  Set up a telephone call through his company’s service, or use your own dedicated reservationless number.

Step Two:  Push “*7” (or something like that) when you want to start recording the conversation.  Push the same key combo when you want the recording to end.

Step Three:  Wait for his company to e-mail you the link to your hosted mp3 podcast.  They can also send you the mp3 file for you to edit.

Step Four:  There is no step four.

Now for the idiot part:  Zane interviewed me for his first podcast.  We talked about blogging, on-line collaboration, and LexThink.  Here is the link to the mp3 file:  Podcast Here



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