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December 22, 2004

My Christmas List

Just a few of the things on my Christmas list.  I know it is late, but I won’t hold it against you if the gift arrives after the holidays.

A website designed by 37 Signals.  These guys (and gals) are masters at making really functional websites look simple and elegant.  Take a look at their 37Better Project, with redesigns of popular sites Google,  FedEx, and PayPal.  These guys are also behind the Basecamp project management tool (that I love).

A blog designed by Kevin at LexBlog

A subscription to Worthwhile Magazine.  I love the blog, and can’t find the magazine at my local bookstore.

A Tour Edge Exotics fairway wood.  I’m on my fourth driver by this company and love their products, warranty, and customer service.  Great prices on unbelievable clubs.  Oh, and thanks for asking:  the three wood with the stiff Fujikura shaft, please.

A smaller Advertising Block from Visit my site.  Enough said.

A Mirra Personal Server for home and office.

A clean desk.

A new laptop bag and backpack.

Time to respond to my comments.

Registration for a few cool trainings and conferences.

Your vote.

Oh, and one more thing:  The ability to meet and thank every single reader of this blog.

I have dedicated (a growing) part of my professional and personal life to improving law practice and making this gig the one we all thought we were signing up for when we decided to go to law school.  I am gratified beyond words at the response I’ve gotten from all of you.  Blogging isn’t about conversations, it is not about ROI, it is about opportunity.  I’ve learned more, met more fascinating people, and gained more from the fellowship of bloggers and blog readers than I ever thought possible.  Thank you so much.

Happy Holidays! 


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Sometimes Santa comes late Matt. You are getting that LexBlog designed blog after all. Give me a call or drop me an email so the elves here at LexBlog can get working on things for you and 'the [non]billable hour.'

A belated Merry Christmas Matt.

- Kevin

Matt: Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration. I look forward to your insights in 2005, as I embark on my own non-solo practice. Best of luck on your wish list!

If we can just get the attention of those whose talents are being wasted in the dungeons of hourly law firms -- we can change the world of law, improve the way the public perceives us and deliver true value to our clients.

Go Non-Solo!

Greatest American Lawyer
-- unlike attorneys in big law firms, neither cities, nor walls can separate us --

Matt, I can't spring for the 37 sites website, but you got my vote. It is the least I can do for all of the great ideas and content you've posted this past year. Merry Christmas.

...and I want hugh to design a biz card for me!

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