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December 18, 2004

Big Announcement Number One

I have a bunch of big announcements to make over the next few days, and here’s the first.

Zane Safrit, blogger and CEO of Conference Calls Unlimited, has been a participant in my Think Tank Tuesday Group since its inception.  I’ve been totally smitten with Zane’s service since he set up our group with free toll-free conference call and webinar services.  Zane is one of the businesspeople I know who “get’s it.”  For example, his business has pulled most of its web advertising, and instead, put the money towards improving its customer’s experience with stunning results.  Take a look here and here for examples. 

I asked Zane how I could help his business grow, and he has made this generous offer — free to [non]billable hour readers.  You get your choice of any one of the following:

One free web conference, with the included conference call; or

The first month free of their monthly flat-rate services; or

Ten Percent off a toll-free reservationless conference call.

Here is the rub:  You have to call Chaz Czinder at 877–227–0611, extension 18.  Chaz will be your personal conference calling expert.  I've been using Chaz since we started the Think Tank Tuesday calls, and he's great.  He'll explain the service and set up everything you need.  He'll even call you after your conference to make sure everything went well.  Just tell Chaz that I sent you.

Oh, and one more disclaimer:  I am getting nothing from Conference Calls Unlimited for this testimonial.  If you think I'm alone in extollling their service, go here and watch video testimonials from other customers.

If you are unhappy in any way, and I'm sure you won't be, drop Zane a line and he'll personally make sure you are satisfied.


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